Specified Non-Profit Corporation, Kurasusaki, (hereafter, Kurasusaki) consider that it is our duty to protect customer's privacy, private information and other related informational contents.

Regardless of contact by phone calls or e-mails, application from customers, or any other contacting methods, information (hereafter, private information) given by customers is dealt in following direction. Private information mentioned here is considered as any information which can identify an individual such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.

In the case that Kurasusaki gathers private information, Kurasusaki gathers only necessary private information.

Kurasusaki works on managing private information appropriately, avoiding leaking and falsification of private information as same as nefarious access.

Kurasusaki never discloses private information to third parties generally except following conditions.

  1. In the case that a personal who has referral jurisdiction requests support for disclosing private information with an official writing.
  2. In the case that the customer agrees with disclosing his / her private information.

We deal with the request for referral or modification of private information only in the case that we could confirm that an inquirer is the customer himself / herself in the method we set up.

Kurasusaki observes Japanese laws and regulations related to private information, and works on reviewing our policy appropriately for its improvement.

Formulated on April 1st, 2012

Kurasusaki, Specified Non-Profit Corporation

Takuya Miyagawa

Board of Chairperson