Basic Fees

Rooms Forenoon (9:00~12:00) Afternoon (12:00~17:00) Air Conditioning Fee (each time section)
Gallery (Hall) 400yen 500yen 200yen
Japanese-Style Room(3 rooms; 9㎡、12㎡、15㎡) 500yen 700yen 200yen
Japanese-Style Room (1 room, 12㎡) 300yen 400yen 200yen
Café Space (w/ dining room) 400yen 500yen 200yen

※Room charge for more than two time-section will be the sum of each time section rate.

※In the cases of that users collect the room charge, or advertise or sell products, or utilize this space for any other commercial purposes, basic charge is double.


You can reserve a hall, dining, and Japanese-style rooms from 1 year to 7 days prior as the latest.




Every Monday (If Monday is a holiday, gallery will be closed on Tuesday) and from December 28th to January 3rd.

※In the case of special events, we might arrange the schedule and close the gallery temporarily.

How to apply

  1. 1. Please contact us for available dates. TEL.050-8803-8668
  2. 2. Please read “Susaki Machikado Gallery Usage Guide” carefully, fill in the form, set your seal on, and then send the documents to the Machikado Gallery.
  3. We let you know as soon as the permit is issued. Please come and get the permit at the Machikado Gallery. (If you wish us to mail it, let us know)
  4. Payment must be done by the due date.